Peter Thomas is the Music Director and conductor of the Auckland Symphony Orchestra. He has worked with numerous other orchestras around New Zealand and Australia including the Orchestra Auckland, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Wellington, Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra, Auckland Youth Orchestra, St Matthew's Chamber Orchestra, and Devonport Chamber Orchestra. Though his repertoire is broad, he feels a particular affinity with Romantic and 20th century works and is passionate about performing new NZ music. He has commissioned numerous Kiwi composers and has conducted over 30 premiers. Peter has worked with artists including Simon O'Neill, Jenny B. Flavio Villani, Helen Medlyn, Suzy Lynch, Tina Cross, Benson Wilson, Will Martin, Amalia Hall, Matteo Napoli and many more.  As a conductor, he inspires musicians to strive for excellence, but to have fun while doing it. His current projects include a Beethoven Concerto series, a concert series of film music, music director for the Universe Choir project, and continually striving to make orchestras a vital part of our existence.