Olwyn Green

Viola & Orchestra Librarian

Member for 30 years




I have worked in entomology since 1973 with a science degree majoring in Entomology and Botany. I started as a technician with DISIR then transferred to MAF, now Ministry for Primary Industries. I am passionate about my career because of my love of nature (insects in particular), and because of the importance of insect and pest control in world food supply.


The orchestra librarian assists with music preparation, that is: making sure there are enough parts of every piece for each player, for each concert. The role, before rehearsals start for the new programme, includes collating music into individual folders for the players (and conductor) as necessary. After the concert or concert series, the librarian is responsible for collecting and organising sorting of music, checking it (rubber thumb grips essential - and a large dining table helps!) and filing it back into the ASO library or returning hired music to other libraries. With such a large orchestra there is some inevitable chasing up of folders and if necessary, replacing any missing parts. Creating and maintaining a database for the library has been an essential part of the job to enable finding parts if they are to be used again in future programmes. A bunch of orchestra friends to assist sometimes, and very tolerant family members certainly makes the job go smoothly.


Gardening, sewing and handwork, making miniatures, playing chamber music with friends and playing other instruments.