Geoff Scott


Member for 36 Years




I wanted to become a professional classical trumpeter - however as I was not so keen on classwork and there was no trumpet performance offered at Auckland Uni at the time, so I decided to follow my culinary passion. A close family friend advised me wisely... "Geoff if you cook you will never go hungry".


I joined ASO as a teenager- I was playing trumpet in the school orchestra and attended a school holiday orchestral workshop held at St Peter's in Cambridge. My tutor at the time encouraged me to join up and it was there that I heard about ASO. Through ASO I get to play such a wide variety of wonderful and interesting music. The buzz and the rush you get from playing in a large orchestra is like nothing else on earth, it's quite hard to describe, it's very unique and uplifting. It's quite a different feeling compared to actually listening to a live orchestra. I have met so many superb musicians and have made so many fantastic (lifelong) friends. We always have a jolly good gossip and catch up over our coffee break too! Being a part of this orchestra is very very unique - we have played to both young and old in the fanciest acoustic halls to rough outdoor paddocks. To bring music to the public for free (whilst having fun and pursuing ones passion) is not only a huge privilege but makes me feel incredibly lucky and humble.


Road cycling and chasing around after my kids.