Henry Swanson

French Horn

Member for 15 Years

Customer Experience Designer



I've worked in the telco industry for the past 8 or so years, but only recently moved into the design space. I enjoy problem solving, and building experiences (products, services, processes) that are designed with human needs at the forefront. People over profit!


I first became involved with ASO when I was in high school- and my mother (who played in the cello section) suggested I come along and play. What I love about the orchestra is the variety of programming (Western Art Music, both canon and new, film music classics, dance music and everything in between) which keeps performing fresh and interesting. I also really value that the majority of the orchestra is made up of music hobbyists, rather than professionals - we're there for the love of it, and have a shared passion for bringing good music to the public in an accessible way.


I do a lot of playing outside of ASO - from other local community orchestras, the occasional out of town gig, as well as playing with local indie bands. Outside of music I'm a keen reader, video game player, motorcyclist, and love a quiet weekend with my partner and our Japanese Spitz.