Mike Palmer


Member for 13 Years

Wing Acoustics Co-founder



I was messing around building speakers in the garage, decided that one design could worth commercialising, and that it is better to try than to die wondering. This was over 20 years ago and we're only now launching the first product, so the logic may have been dubious!


I was originally recruited to ASO by Alice, our cello section leader, after playing together in another orchestra. I love being part of a 'tribe' of lovely and interesting people, and also being part of a cello team who work together rather than competing against one-another. One of my favourite orchestra memories was as an honorary percussion member driving the little truck up to Kerikeri while wearing earmuffs to block the truck roar, listening to music turned up loud enough to drown the truck plus get through the earmuffs, and making plenty of stops such as for food and beach time.


Tramping and kayaking.