Neil Shepherd


Member for 45 Years

Retired Bank Officer



In 1965 I joined what was then the National Bank of New Zealand in Ruawai, Northland . I was invited to do so by the local Bank Manager (in the days of full employment!). I followed a fairly conventional career path until a PC appeared on my desk in 1989. I then became an analyst/programmer. All IT people were self taught back then. I "retired" in 2007, but was employed by that bank as a contractor for a further 8 years.


I first became involved with ASO when I was playing in "The Yeoman of the Guard" (a Gilbert and Sullivan opera) in 1975. Other members the orchestra invited me to come to a rehearsal in the old Synagogue in Princes Street. The rest, as they say, is history. My favourite ASO memory is from the 1990's. A Japanese choir, whose members all had some form of disability, toured the world and specialised in performing Beethoven's 9th Symphony. We were engaged by them to perform in the Aotea Centre (as it was then called) to a full to overflowing house. In an all Beethoven programme we played the 4th movement. Jane Wright, Phil Hickman's wife, played the Romance in F Major. She was very nervous, but a little pupil of hers called out from the audience "Hullo Jane!". That completely broke the tension for Jane. The whole concert was the most moving experience I can recall.


Photography, crochet work, and reading- especially non-fiction. I also enjoy typing up manuscripts from IMSLP into a music notation programme.