Olwyn Green

Viola & Orchestra Librarian

Member for 30 Years




I have worked in entomology since 1973 with a science degree majoring in Entomology and Botany. I started as a technician with DISIR then transferred to MAF, now Ministry for Primary Industries. I am passionate about my career because of my love of nature (insects in particular), and because of the importance of insect and pest control in world food supply.


I was invited to join ASO, so went to a concert in which some of my friends were playing to 'check them out' first! I was hooked from my first rehearsal with ASO when I was made viola number 13 in a section of 10. Now that I am acting orchestra librarian, I understand how that works! I love the programme of music, the big symphony sound, the friendly people we socialise with every Monday night and our fun conductor, and mostly I love this chance to give back (to our audience) some of the enjoyment I have had all my life from the privilege of learning music as a youngster. One of my favourite ASO memories is playing the Last Night of the Proms concerts in the Bruce Mason Theatre, when the pipe band started up, then during 'Danny Boy' people in the audience were trying to ring their relatives in the UK so they could hear us. Afterwards, watching groups of grown adults walking to their cars and others riding back in a minivan over the harbour bridge, singing and waving British flags - still partying with no need for alcohol to set their mood.


Gardening, sewing and handwork, making miniatures, playing chamber music with friends and playing other instruments.